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Are you a fan of the popular animated series, Rick and Morty? Exciting news awaits you! A new game has been released on Android devices, bringing the ultimate universe-hopping adventure to your fingertips. Rick and Morty A Way Back Home is a game that lets players explore various universes, encounter new challenges, and interact with iconic characters from the series. But what sets this game apart from other mobile games? Let’s dive into the unique features of Rick and Morty A Way Back Home.

What is Rick and Morty A Way Back Home APK?

Rick and Morty A Way Back Home APK is an adventure-oriented game that allows players to traverse various universes using the portal gun, Meeseeks, and pickle Rick. As the players advance in the game, they are required to level up and enhance their weaponry to confront more challenging adversaries. Several distinctive characteristics of the game comprise:

  • Portal gun to open interdimensional portals
  • Meeseeks to help with tasks
  • Pickle Rick to move through pipes

These tools add a new level of excitement to the gameplay, and players need to be skilled to handle these features effectively.


As one engages in playing Rick and Morty A Way Back Home, it becomes evident that the game’s narrative adheres to the original themes of the series. The narrative is structured into distinct chapters, each presenting its own set of distinctive tasks and challenges. Throughout the game, players will have the opportunity to interact with a variety of characters from the popular series, including but not limited to Rick, Morty, Summer, and other recognizable individuals. The narrative of the game bears resemblance to the original series, albeit with a distinctive and original spin. Presented below is a comprehensive summary of the storyline, organized by chapter.

  • Chapter One: An Ordinary Day
  • Chapter Two: The Smith Family’s Interdimensional Odyssey
  • Chapter Three: The Arrival of the Robot.
  • Chapter 4: The Commencement at the Citadel
  • Chapter five of the popular animated series, Rick and Morty, is titled “Divide and Conquer.”
  • Chapter six delves into the resurgence of the infamous character known as Evil Morty.

Every chapter will challenge your ability to navigate through different universes, and enthusiasts of the series will appreciate the fresh perspective on the plot.


The game showcases a comprehensive cast of both primary and secondary characters from the series, alongside a few fresh faces. In this game, participants assume the persona of Morty and engage with various characters from diverse universes, such as:

  • Rick Sanchez, Morty’s grandfather and the smartest man in the universe
  • Summer Smith, Morty’s older sister
  • Jerry Smith, Morty’s dad
  • Beth Smith, Morty’s mom
  • Squanchy, a friend of Rick’s from Birdperson’s wedding
  • Birdperson, a friend of Rick’s that turned to a cyborg
  • Evil Morty, a villain from the series

In addition to these characters, the game also includes side quests featuring other characters from the show. These quests allow players to get to know their favorite characters better and explore different challenges in the game.


The control system of the game is user-friendly and straightforward. It involves simple movements such as swiping, tapping, and dragging. Players can use these movements to perform actions such as jumping, shooting, and interacting with other characters and objects within the game. In addition, you have the option to personalize your gaming experience by customizing settings such as sound, graphics, and other features according to your preferences.


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home lets players explore various universes, each with its own unique features and challenges. In the game, you’ll visit universes like:

  • Cronenberg universe, where Cronenbergs have overrun the entire world
  • Purge universe, where citizens have a purge festival every year
  • The Citadel of Ricks, the central hub for all the Ricks in the multiverse
  • Tinyverse, where everyone is extremely small
  • Gazorpazorp, an all-female society

Each universe poses different challenges to players, and fans of the series will recognize the unique features of each world.


As players explore the universes, they will encounter different enemies, including:

  • Zombies
  • Aliens
  • Robots

To defeat these enemies, players need to build the perfect team by selecting the right characters, weapons, and equipment. Focusing on leveling up and upgrading weapons, players can improve their chances of success against these enemies.


Players can craft items and equipment in the game by acquiring materials from different universes. These materials can be found by scavenging or completing side quests. Crafting in the game allows players to create and upgrade their equipment, such as weapons and armor, to take on more challenging enemies.


Scavenging is an essential feature of Rick and Morty A Way Back Home. Players can find and collect items by searching every nook and cranny in each universe. Collectibles include useful materials, such as batteries, wires, and other equipment that can be used in crafting and upgrades.


To complete the game successfully, players need to plan their strategy carefully. Different levels of gameplay require different approaches, and the ideal team setup is essential. Strategies that players can implement include:

  • Focusing on leveling up
  • Unlocking essential skills
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Scavenging for materials

These tips can help players progress through the game and reach the final chapter.


Rick and Morty A Way Back Home features a unique multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up and play together. Multiplayer mode has some exclusive features, such as:

  • New challenges that are unavailable in single-player mode
  • The ability to trade equipment and materials with other players
  • Rewarded with rare items and equipment

Playing with other fans of the series adds a new level of excitement to the universe-hopping adventure.

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The game can be downloaded from the ApkFileok.net. The process of installation is simple and can be completed within a few minutes. It is advisable to verify the game’s system requirements prior to downloading, as the game’s compatibility is contingent on the Android version in use.


For those who are new to the game or have inquiries, it is recommended to peruse the frequently asked questions section on the official website of the game. In this section, you will find responses to frequently asked questions, helpful tips for resolving issues, and recommendations for enhancing your gameplay.


In addition to the game’s official support page, one may also engage with fellow players by joining the game’s community forums and chat groups. In addition, proficient players have the ability to avail themselves of resources such as instructional materials and guides on tactics.

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The game titled “Rick and Morty A Way Back Home” is sure to captivate fans of the series. The inclusion of interdimensional travel in the game imbues it with a heightened sense of thrill, while its distinctive attributes serve to engross players. The narrative, cast of characters, and fictional worlds remain faithful to the source material, while the mechanics of gameplay introduce a rejuvenating element. The multiplayer mode facilitates interconnectivity among players who share a common interest in the series, thereby enhancing the overall experience. In summary, this particular game is highly recommended for individuals who are fans of the popular animated series, Rick and Morty.

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How to install Rick and Morty A Way Back Home?

1. Tap the downloaded Rick and Morty A Way Back Home APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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