Top 10 Best Online Colleges in California


Studying in the USA is the dream of every student. However, going to California for studies is better said than done for many students. And in this intense situation of a pandemic, it’s become nearly impossible for anyone to visit different countries. But the thing is that everything’s transforming to digital and in this situation, collages are also being attended via online mode. Therefore, there has to be a way for students to complete their degrees online. Hence we’ve searched the web and found some of the best colleges in California you can attend online. So let’s know the best online colleges in California for students.

San Diego State University

Founded in 1897 as San Diego Normal School, today San Diego State University is enrolling more than 36000 students per year online. There are currently six bachelor’s programs and five master’s degree programs completely online. Though there are fully online programs but also there are some hybrid programs you can enrol in. Around 74% of students enrolled online get graduated. And 28% of students get loans to complete their online degree. And of the total enrollment, 47% of students are enrolled online in the San Diego State University.

California State University-Chico

This university was founded in 1887 and is the second oldest University of California State. As of now, more than 17000 students are enrolled every year in California State University-Chico. The University offers more than 10, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Along with this hybrid enrollment system is also available here. Of the total online enrollments around 66% get graduated. The chances of getting a loan here are 44%. Among all the enrollments only 30% of students enrol online for this in university.

California State University-Dominguez Hills

With students enrolled more than 18000 every year in both online and offline mode. Students enrolled online get to study for three bachelor’s degree and six master’s degree programmes. The overall graduation rate of the enrolled students is 45%.

California State University-East Bay

In 1957 California State University-East Bay was and ever since it’s been a part of California State University. On average the university enrols more than 15000 students on campus and online as well. The University serves 5 online courses in bachelors and 4 online courses in masters degree. With more than 48% graduation rate of enrolled students 33% get shortlisted for loans. And among all enrollments, 54% of students enrol online.

Brandman University

With more than 8000 and enrollments both online and offline the Brandman University is a private institution with more than 25 campuses. This university is especially famous for its online offerings. There are dozens of online degrees offered by this institute for both bachelors and masters. The graduation percentage from this university has been kept confidential while the chances of getting a loan are 47%. From all the enrollments 92% of students enrol themselves online.

California Baptist University

Founded in 1950, the Californian Baptist University is a private Christian institute. More than 12000 students enrolled every year in CBU, in both online as well as offline mode. You can opt for 40 different online programmes from bachelors to doctorate. There is a 55% graduation rate of enrolled students with more than a 70% chances of getting a loan. And among all the enrollments 54% of students are enrolled online.

Concordia University-Irvine

Located in Irvine California the Concordia University Irvine enrols more than 5000 students online and offline every year. With five bachelor’s programme, there are 13 different master’s program and 2 doctorate degrees you can enrol for online in this university. The admission details required are varied depending upon the programme you’re enrolling in. And with a 63% graduation rate, 60% of students get loans and among all the enrolled students 63% are online enrolled.

University of La Verne

This is a private university founded in 1891, today more than 5000 students are enrolled every year in the University of la Verne both online and offline. This university provides six bachelor’s degree and three master’s degree programs. However, there are some age restrictions as well for some courses. For the online enrollment process, you’ll need at least a 2.5 GPA and a letter of recommendation. More than that the graduation rate of this university is 69% with 62% chances of getting loans. Moreover, 21% of students are enrolled online in this university.

National University

Founded in 1971 the National University enrols more than 17000 students every year in both online and offline mode. The level of competition for this university is quite tougher than others. Online enrolled students get to choose 132 different courses in bachelor’s, masters and doctorate. The graduation rate and loan receiving rate are both 36%. While 61% of the students enrol online in this college.

Golden Gate University-San Francisco

If you’re into a business or marketing-related profession then continuing your further studies from online programmes by GSU is the best choice. There are various degrees in bachelor’s as well as for master’s you can enrol online for. To get admissions to this university you’ll need a minimum High school GPA of 3.0. 50% of the total enrolled students are enrolled online here with a 30% chance of getting loans.

Final Verdicts

Above are the best online universities you can enrol yourself for a Californian degree, let us know which University you liked the most.

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