Tap Tap Dash Mod APK v2.016 (Mod All Unlock)

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IF thinking that have good and great game Interesting intellectual game in which you will manage funny characters and help them pass a winding and narrow road. The essence of the game is to take TAP TAP DASH MOD APK control of many interesting characters, and go a long way, which from time to time is interrupted, use your reaction and have time to fold and jump the abyss. The game is quite a good graphics and understandable Controls the game is able to delay you for many hours of continuous play. Collect the maximum number of points and put your achievements in the high scores table, show everyone that you are the most


  • Interface language – Russian/English
  • Category – Games
  • Android version – 4.1
  • Size – 13mb
  • version – v2.012
  • Developer – Cheetah Games
  • Price – Free


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The main difficulty is that your character moves at a considerable speed, and sometimes the green dots are really close to each other. If you are having trouble with a level, though, you can always ask the snails for help. They make everything slow down, making the game way easier.

How to install


What’s New

Version History

Fixed bugs and improved performance


Tap Dash is a simple and fun arcade game. It has a lot of variety since each level changes the color of the map, and you can use a different animal each time you there are birds, cats, pigs, etc. TAP TAP DASH MOD APK

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